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It’s well known that the business and creative aspects of the music industry are ever-evolving – faster than ever in our current climate. The practice of counseling clients in this space must therefore be flexible and nuanced enough to keep pace with changes in the law, the emergence of new revenue streams, and the interface between the music business and other media, both new and old.  Our music law department is ideally positioned to leverage a broad and deep range of industry experience on behalf of our clients, who include recording artists, musicians, record labels, distributors, songwriters, publishers, marketing companies, executives, consultants, producers, and personal managers.  We advise our clients in the holistic sense of this context: lawyering in the service of achieving your creative and business goals.

Examples of the services we provide for our clients include the following:

  • drafting and negotiating recording, licensing and “360” deals
  • songwriter, co-publishing, and administration agreements
  • physical and digital distribution agreements
  • collaboration and work for hire agreements
  • producer, engineer, sideperson, and musician agreements
  • clearing albums for delivery to record labels
  • sampling and adaptations
  • joint venture and partnership deals
  • inter-band and partnership agreements
  • composer and music director agreements
  • music placement and representation agreements
  • third party compilation and synch deals
  • streaming, neighboring rights, ancillary rights, and monetization deals
  • merchandise, apparel, and sponsorship agreements
  • asset purchase and assignment agreements
  • trademark registration, licenses, and office actions
  • copyright registration and fair use analysis
  • demand letters, takedowns, cease and desists, and rights enforcement
  • evaluating, pursuing and settling claims and disputes
  • reversions, terminations, and re-negotiations
  • royalty analysis and audit assistance