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We represent producers, writers, directors and talent in all stages of the creation of film and television properties. We guide our clients through the development, financing, production and distribution of film, television and new media properties. Examples of some of the services we offer to our clients include:

Development Agreements: We negotiate rights acquisitions including literary option/purchase agreements, life rights agreements, and shopping and attachment agreements.

Production Agreements: Our attorneys have acted as production counsel on numerous film and television productions, from micro budgets to AAA Hollywood blockbusters. As such, we specialize in negotiating agreements for actors, writers, directors, producers and key crew, as well as interfacing with and advising on union and guild matters.

Financing Agreements: We structure the financing for Film, TV and New Media projects including among producers, equity investors, financiers, and distributors. We also negotiate debt financing and other bank participation agreements, production lending agreements and inter-party agreements.

Sales and Distribution Agreements: Our team negotiates agreements with producers, distributors, sales agents and financiers both domestically and internationally. We have experience in guiding projects through established and new digital means of distribution.