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No longer considered a nuance of corporate or entertainment law, brands need counsel expert in fashion law.  Fashion is a multi-disciplinary and multi-national business that requires representation sensitive to the special requirements and challenges inherent in fashion industry.

Our firm is located in the heart of New York City, a locus of the global fashion industry.  We handle all areas of legal practice in the fashion world, whether you are a pop-up shop in Bushwick or an established global brand on Seventh Avenue.

Examples of the matters on which we consult with clients include:

  • Copyright and trademark registrations
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Domestic and international marketing and co-branding
  • Contracting for modeling and photographic services including agreements with minors
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Corporate formations
  • Intellectual property enforcement including look-alikes and knock-offs
  • Employment agreements
  • Agreements attendant to event production
  • Public relations services contracts