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Contemporary commercial production can be every bit as complex and creatively taxing as producing a feature film, but without the stretched timeline or budget. Decisions need to be made quickly and risks need to be assessed on the run in an extremely competitive field. Our firm understands the need to balance agility and protection in commercial production.

We negotiate production agreements with clients and agencies, paper talent agreements, prepare releases and clearances, field and settle rights disputes, and give advice on a variety of issues which intersect with statutory law, labor and unions issues, insurance, and liability.

Examples of commercial production related services we offer to our clients include:

  • negotiating production agreements with clients and agents
  • drafting and negotiating exclusive and non-exclusive talent agreements
  • drafting and negotiating necessary clearances and releases for locations, artwork, equipment, signage and more
  • addressing and settling rights and insurance claims
  • researching and advising on issues relating to employment, liability, and more