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Chief Operating Officer

Gregg Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of the Firm.

He is responsible for the development of the Firm’s financial management strategy and contributes to the development of the firm’s strategic goals. In addition to the strategic components, he is tasked with developing and implementing sophisticated policies and procedures both in the finance and general operational realms.

In addition to his Firm duties, he is the co-founder and co-owner of Advisable, a business and human resources consulting firm born from years of honing his craft and in partnership with Savur Threadgold LLP. With the team at Advisable, he consults on operational, financial and human resource issues for various companies ranging from policy and handbook creation to company restructuring.

He was recently VP of Operations and Human Resources for an art tech company developing cloud-based tools to help members of the art community manage their business from concept to market as well as a writer for various publications regarding various operational, human resource, financial, and legal issues.

Gregg is a former US Army Cavalry Scout and graduate of John Jay College and once beat Contra without the Konami Code.




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