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How to Protect and Prepare Yourself When Working with Non-Profits

In the modern era of the entertainment business, artists and businesses are using their platforms to become more involved in social activism. Whether it’s Chance The Rapper donating $1 million towards Chicago Public Schools, Bandcamp’s fundraising for the ACLU, or the many benefit singles and concerts, non-profits everywhere have been able to accomplish a great deal when they’ve partnered with musicians. It’s a win-win for both sides: the charity brings more awareness to their cause through the artist’s association while simultaneously providing them the opportunity to give back to their community.

Just like anything else, however, the devil is in the details and there’s plenty you can do to ensure nothing gets in the way of your work with non-profits. If you are a for-profit company looking to collaborate with a non-profit, among other things, you will need to ensure that the new venture fits within the charitable purposes of the non-profit to avoid creating unintended tax consequences. If you are looking to start your own non-profit company, the path begins with forming a corporation and filing for non-profit, or 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, status with the IRS. These steps are crucial, as the IRS has numerous strict rules on how non-profit organizations may operate, ranging from how their earnings are distributed to how they are managed and governed.

Savur Threadgold has experience representing for-profit companies in joint ventures with non-profit companies, as well as registering corporations for non-profit status, and the firm can provide legal consultation to illustrate the various limitations for your organization. In addition to these services, the firm can also create the paperwork required when hiring employees for your non-profit. We have had the privilege of lending our services to all types of charitable organizations. One of our favorite examples is the annual Music Tastes Good festival in Long Beach, CA which is a food and music festival that also helps raise money for charities like Oxfam America. This year’s festival takes place from Sep 30- Oct 1 in Marina Green Park; Ween and Sleater-Kinney are headlining!

It only takes a little bit to make a big difference. Call today to find out what your business needs in order to get involved in non-profits!

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Conference Appearances

Music Biz 2017

Firm partner, Gandhar Savur, and attorney, Daniel Novick, both appeared as panelists at this year’s Music Biz Convention in Nashville. Gandhar was selected to participate as a panelist for “Who Gets Paid for Your Music” panel, where they tackled the latest on drilling money down to creators. Whether you share in a royalty pool or cash regular checks for a quarter, or negotiate new deals, you’ll want to join this discussion on how money travels from fan to artist.

Daniel Novick will be also be making an appearance for “Reclaim Your Copyright”, a panel featured in Music Biz’s Entertainment & Technology Law Conference series in New York on September 19. There, Daniel will be joined by Attorney Lisa Alter (partner at Alter Kendrick & Baron LLP), Duff Berschbeck (Sony/ATV Music Publishing Nashville), Eddie Schwartz (Music Creators North American/Songwriters Association of Canada), Jim Griffin (Hazen LLC/OneHouse), and George Howard (Berklee College of Music) to discuss and simplify complex copyright issues such as handling terminations, recaptures, and revisions.

Advice for Your Business

Our COO Gregg Perez Discusses Best Practices for Hiring for Your Business

Is you art business gearing up for expansion? Taking your creative company to the next level begins with hiring the right creative people to get your organization off the ground. COO Gregg Perez explains seven steps to successful hiring for your business. Click here to learn more about effective hiring strategies for your company.

A Legal Right To Exploit Your Face

Do you use images or likenesses of people other than you in your own company’s marketing materials, films, commercials, or artwork? Has your image or likeness been used by another person or company for commercial purposes? Right of publicity violations can quickly become an issue. Click here to learn which set of right of publicity rules you have to follow.

In The News

Savur Threadgold Moves Nashville Office to Music Row

Savur Threadgold has moved its Nashville branch to a new office space in the historic Music Row district, which has long been considered to be the heart of the city’s entertainment industry. The firm originally opened its Nashville office in January of 2016 with Daniel Novick selected as its managing attorney. Licensed to practice law in California, New York, and Tennessee, Daniel represents clients in the entertainment industry and emerging businesses worldwide with respect to contract negotiations

Congress Introduces Legislation to Fix Outdated Copyright Law that Benefits Digital Radio Station

For the last several years, the music industry has been united in their efforts to reform copyright laws that would require digital radio platforms such as SiriusXM and Pandora to pay royalties on recordings made before 1972 (Billboard). This is a big step forward for publishing company Flo & Eddie Inc., who filed multiple class-action lawsuits against Sirius at state and federal courts on the behalf of their artists. Gandhar had weighed in on the lawsuit with Pacermonitor, explaining that “Treating a ’71 sound recording differently from a ’73 sound recording is arbitrary and antithetical to what should be our primary goal of revamping royalty accounting for digital music.”

Kelly McGrath Earns Two Nashville Industry Music Award Nominations

Country Singer/Songwriter Kelly McGrath was nominated for Best Country Solo Female Artist and Best new Music Video for “You And Me Today”. The news caught the attention of Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, who congratulated McGrath with a shoutout on Twitter. She recently premiered new single “All That I Want,” with Huffington Post.

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