/ Gandhar Savur to speak on CMJ Music Marathon Panel /

Gandhar Savur to speak on CMJ Music Marathon Panel


On Friday October 16, at 1:30pm,  Gandhar Savur will be speaking at an event hosted by the New York State Bar Association in association with the CMJ Music Marathon.

It Takes A Village To Make A Band, Best Practices For Musicians and Their Professional Advisors.

This panel of music industry experts will address the life of a band — from birth to death (and beyond) — offering insight and advice on how best to form and maintain a team to help launch, build, and protect artists’ professional careers, intellectual property and income.  To get it right from the start, musician mindsets must change to see professional help as an investment rather than an expense, and the panelists will explain how musicians, attorneys, accountants and managers can find each other and work collaboratively in order to minimize risks and maximize chances of success.  Among the topics to be discussed are how to:  organize and capitalize relevant business entities; reduce tax liabilities; negotiate must-have provisions in band publishing, branding, distribution and other contracts; best address trademark and copyright concerns; understand royalty statements and audits; determine valuations for dissolution and other purposes; (and most importantly) handle what can (and will) go wrong when these issues are not proactively addressed.

The panel will be at the Dream Downtown* | 355 W. 16th Street | New York City

For questions about attendance, please contact Beth Gould at bgould@nysba.org