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In an effort to provide the best service to our clients we introduce you to our sister company……  Founded by and in partnership with Gregg Perez and Savur Threadgold LLP, Advisable is your one stop shop for all your Business Consulting needs.  Advisable looks forward to sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise gained from real…read the full article

Our latest newsletter! Click here!   Does Your Company Have a Policy for Employees’ Social Media?   The use of social media, especially in a work-related context, is not without risk.   While some states have laws that prohibit employers from terminating employees for lawful “off-duty” activities, which would include social media use, employees engaging…read the full article

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Our Latest Newsletter   How to Protect and Prepare Yourself When Working with Non-Profits In the modern era of the entertainment business, artists and businesses are using their platforms to become more involved in social activism. Whether it’s Chance The Rapper donating $1 million towards Chicago Public Schools, Bandcamp’s fundraising for the ACLU, or the…read the full article

The MusicBiz 2017 Convention May 15-18, 2017 in Nashville, TN https://musicbiz2017.sched.com/directory/speakers   Partner Gandhar Savur will participate in the “Who Gets Paid for YOUR Music” panel on May 16, 2017 Who gets paid: the middle man or you? In what proportion and with how much accountability? During this panel, we’ll review the latest on drilling…read the full article

http://artrepreneur.com/hiring-creative-people-art-business/ Hiring for Your Art Business? Seven Steps for Success By Gregg Perez April 10, 2017 Is your art business gearing up for expansion? Taking your creative company to the next level begins with hiring the right creative people to get your organization off the ground. While you may be looking for someone with an accounting…read the full article

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Right of Publicity Laws How do they affect you and your work?  Do you use images or likenesses of people other than you in your or your company’s marketing materials, films, commercials, or artwork? Has your image or likeness been used by another person or company for commercial purposes? In both of these situations, it…read the full article