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By Jessica Mauceri On April 9th, Soul’d Out Music Festival, a Portland, Oregon musical event located more than 1,000 miles from Coachella, filed a lawsuit against Goldenvoice, Coachella Music Festival, Anschutz Entertainment Group, The Anschutz Corp. and AEG Productions. Soul’d Out’s claim is that Coachella engages in practices they deem “anti-competitive” in order to block…read the full article

In the following article, Our COO Gregg Perez discusses how to snag that dream job. How to Snag that Dream Job by Gregg Perez for Advisable Jan 17 2018 https://www.advisablegroup.com/news/single-post-2018-01-17-snag-that-dream-job

Our latest newsletter! Click here!   Does Your Company Have a Policy for Employees’ Social Media?   The use of social media, especially in a work-related context, is not without risk.   While some states have laws that prohibit employers from terminating employees for lawful “off-duty” activities, which would include social media use, employees engaging…read the full article

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Our Latest Newsletter   How to Protect and Prepare Yourself When Working with Non-Profits In the modern era of the entertainment business, artists and businesses are using their platforms to become more involved in social activism. Whether it’s Chance The Rapper donating $1 million towards Chicago Public Schools, Bandcamp’s fundraising for the ACLU, or the…read the full article

  Protection and Restriction with Non-Compete Provisions Overlook the importance of non-compete provisions for your employees at your business’ own peril. Businesses often want to protect their interests by putting restrictions on their employees which come into effect when those employees leave the business. After all, small businesses as well as large corporations have interests which…read the full article